Case Studies

Kennedy Warren

3133 Connecticut Avenue, NW
Washington, DC
1931, Joseph Younger, Architect
1935, Alexander H. Sonnemann, Designer (200-unit addition)
2004, Hartman-Cox, Architects (south tower)

Within days after ADSW filed a landmark application on Friday, October 17, 2008, seeking to protect the interior spaces of the famed Kennedy-Warren apartment building, ADSW has learned that demolition has begun on the historic interiors of several apartments. ADSW calls on owner B.F. Saul to halt further demolition until the landmark application can be considered.

Express your concerns to B.F. Saul, the Historic Preservation Office, the Advisory Neighborhood Commision, and Councilmember Cheh. Contact information is provided in our press release.

Contribute to ADSW's fund to save the Kennedy-Warren interior.

  • Penn Theater, 1982-1985/86, preservation award from ADSW for proposal in 1984
  • Greenbelt Center School, 1983
  • Greyhound Terminal, 1984-1991
  • Silver Theatre and Silver Spring Shopping Center, 1984-2004
  • Bethesda Theatre, landmark designation 1986, development of theater site 1993-2003
  • Hecht Company Warehouse, landmark designation and restoration 1991-92