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Woodward & Lothrop Warehouse

Original Name: Woodward & Lothrop Warehouse
Year Of Construction: 1938
Address: 131 M Street, NE Washington, DC 20507
Architect(s): Abbott, Merkt, & Company
Current Status: Office Building
Original Use: Warehouse

In 1938, the New York architecture firm of Abbot, Merkt & Co. designed the Woodward & Lothrop Service Warehouse.  The six-story renovated structure, which currently houses federal offices, including the EEOC, is built using two tones of beige brick. Vertical lines are created from top to bottom by the use of lighter brickwork as well as by simple darker brickwork panels under the sets of three windows per floor. These panels are further defined by two narrow vertical bands of lighter bricks. On each free-standing facade of the rectangular structure are two limestone sections, also constructed using three-window bands per floor, which have circular columns and linear details above all windows. These limestone sections extend above the flat rooftop to create a small parapet-like extension. The base of the building is decorated with four bands of brickwork while the top is accented by a narrower one-band of brick. The original vertical sign band is still intact on one corner. The metal doors, windows and canopy of the main entrance do not appear to be original to the structure.