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William Calomiris Building

Original Name: William Calomiris Building
Year Of Construction: 1940
Address: 1112 16th Street, NW Washington, DC 20036
Architect(s): Robert O. Scholz
Current Status: Apartment Building - The Pall Mall Apartments
Original Use:
Function: Rental Apartments

The William Calomiris Building was designed by architect Robert O. Scholz and built by David A. Baer in 1940. Currently Pall Mall Apartments, the facade of brick with interesting details at the roofline. The brick is currently painted in two tones of beige. The lighter tone is used in four, building-height, vertical bands in the central portion of the structure as well as in a stepped design in the upper two stories, which themselves are crowned in a geometric design of brick and stone. The most striking detail is the decorative panels located below the central windows of the two projecting side wings as well as under smaller windows in the central façade: from a distance, these resemble a basketweave, but in reality are bands of small brick projections.  Small stepped stone parapets adorn the roofline under which are decorative stepped brickwork. The black-framed windows do not appear to be original. The black recessed entry way is accessed through lovely geometrical railings and is surrounded by simple limestone panels with small geometric details. This leads the visitor to the exquisite lobby, the floor of which is tiled with various tones of terra-cotta with a central circle of what appears to be dark granite. Stainless steel abounds in wainscoting as well as in and surrounding the elevators. White plaster, fluted crown molding is decorated with botanical and geometric designs.