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Walter Reed National Military Medical Center

Original Name: U.S. Naval Hospital
Year Of Construction: 1940
Address: 8901 Rockville Pike Bethesda, Md.
Architect(s): F.W. Southworth & Paul Philippe Cret
Current Status: Military Hospital
Original Use: Military Hospital

President Franklin D. Roosevelt was very interested in the placement and design of this facility. He favored the site in Bethesda, Maryland, for its reference to the healing Bethesda Pool in Jerusalem. He conceived of the skyscraper form of the main building after visiting the Nebraska State Capitol and even made a sketch of his idea on White House stationery. Architect Paul Philippe Cret gave the tower its Moderne form. Although the hospital has grown tremendously over the years, and now serves all of the military divisions, the core of the complex has retained a great deal of its Art Deco character.