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Tastee Diner - Silver Spring

Original Name: Tastee Diner
Year Of Construction: 1946
Address: 8601 Cameron Street Silver Spring, MD 20910
Current Status: Restaurant
Original Use: Restaurant

The Tastee Diner was constructed in a factory offsite by Jerry O’Mahoney, Inc. of Elizabeth, New Jersey and assembled on its original site at the northwest corner of Wayne and Georgia Avenues in 1946. The exterior is comprised of flat porcelain enamel with rounded corners, bands of stainless steel and streamline ribbon windows. The entrance has a stainless steel canopy under which is a harmonizing stainless steel door. Exterior walls were originally cream-colored porcelain but are now painted beige with red porcelain strips. The original building had a two-part main section and a rear built-on-site office, storage room and a screened-in service shed. The rounded roof is reminiscent of a rail car. The Tastee Diner was famously moved in 2000 from its original location so that the Discovery Communications building could be constructed. It is currently located at Cameron Street and Ramsey Avenue. A large simple stucco-clad addition was built to extend the restaurant on its new site.