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Senator Movie Theatre

Original Name: Senator Movie Theatre
Year Of Construction: 1942
Address: 3950 Minnesota Avenue, NE Washington, DC 20019
Architect(s): John J. Zink
Current Status: Retail Stores
Original Use: Movie Theatre

John J. Zink was again at work as the architect of the Senator Movie Theatre constructed in 1942. The elongated, one-story structure is built of beige brick and stone trim. The most striking feature of the building is its prominent, almost gateway-like, two-story portico which seems to beckon theater goers. Constructed of beige brick with recessed red brick vertical lines on either side of a central section of glass block, this portion of the building has been touched up over the years with patriotic colors where the brickwork has suffered.  It is topped with the bold, illuminated, blue and white letters of the SENATOR. The main, linear blue marquee reappears as a narrower band running along the rear portion of the building. This section is also accented by a single, red horizontal line of tile. The central structure of the theater has some simple fluting and linear details as well as a small arched roofline behind the main entrance. Currently, two retail spaces occupy the structure.