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The Roberta

Original Name: The Roberta
Year Of Construction: 1940
Address: 5429 Connecticut Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20015
Architect(s): Sydney Poretsky
Current Status: Apartments
Original Use:

The Roberta, built in 1940 by architect Sidney Poretsky for Harry Poretsky, is constructed in 2 brick tones: yellow horizontally-placed brick comprises the majority of the facade while smaller, red, square-shaped brick is used under windows over the main entrance. Vertically-placed, rectangular red brick is used under windows in the two symmetrically built wings, right and left of the front door. Above the upper storey windows, linear stone trim detailing gives the impression of a crown and serves to draw the eye upwards. Narrow, double vertical columns of stone frame windows right and left of the entrance. Wider bands of stone are also used in vertical columns on the windows above the front doorway. The only remnant in the lobby of the 1940 structure is the simple, stylized flower design of the staircase railing.