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Potomac Power & Electric Company (PEPCO) Substation

Original Name: PEPCO Substation
Year Of Construction: Approx. 1950
Address: 45 E Street, NW Washington, DC 20001
Architect(s): John Loehler
Current Status:
Original Use:
Function: Electric Power Substation

This is a small electrical substation building used primarily to convert electrical power to lower voltages for local distribution to customers in the surrounding neighborhood. The builder, PEPCO, was known during the early- and mid-twentieth century for designing substantial facades for the substations so that they fit in as naturally as possible with their surroundings. This one is particularly hard to find, and most of all appreciate, because of the tall mature plantings that surround it. Its exterior materials of limestone and aluminum are noteworthy, however. Also of note are some of the details, including the scroll-shaped vertical fluting in the stone, rounded stone and curvilinear metal canopy at the recessed main entrance portal, vertical slots in the stone for ventilation, and pillow-fluted treatment of the doors.