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The Park Manor

Original Name: The Park Manor
Year Of Construction: 1940
Address: 515 22nd Street, NW Washington, DC 20037
Architect(s): Raymond G. Moore
Current Status: Apartments
Original Use: Apartments

The Park Manor apartment building, built by Park Manor, Inc. in 1940, is currently leased to the US Department of State through at least 2018. The beige brickwork is highlighted with horizontal bands across much of the width of the building as well as above and below all sets of three-window groupings and single windows. Simple, vertical brickwork details are seen in all protruding portions of the building. The structure has a lovely, distinctive, stepped brickwork crown with denticulate detail. The lower two stories are of limestone and echo the horizontal linear detailing of the upper floors. The recessed, curved, red granite entryway leads into a wonderful lobby area whose walls are constructed of red and yellow granite and accented with beautiful red granite columns. The checker board, two-tone terrazzo floor is inlayed with large red and green flowers of the same material. The center portion of the ceiling is recessed with an ornamental repetitive tiled circular pattern. The ceiling perimeter contains surface-mounted light fixtures—whether or not they are original is unclear, but they do fit well with the original décor. The suspended rectangular fixture in the ceiling center are clearly recent additions.