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Nixon-Mounsey Residence

Original Name:
Year Of Construction: 1949
Address: 2915 University Terrace, NW Washington, DC 20016
Architect(s): Howard D. Woodson
Current Status: Single Family Home
Original Use: Single Family Home

This yellow brick single family home was designed by Howard D. Woodson in 1949 for Dr. Ethel L. Nixon-Mounsey.  It is reminiscent of a steam liner with its beautiful curved lines and lightness of structure. The facade is yellow brick and large picture windows are used throughout in various iterations. Glass block is also generously used throughout the structure, most noticeably in the front, in what is likely the main stairway of the house. The front of the building is accented by a gleaming metal marquee over the main entrance and red decorative concrete panels wrapping around a portion of the foundation. Overall, the condition of the home is good.