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Mihran Mesrobian Residence

Original Name: Mihran Mesrobian Residence
Year Of Construction: 1941
Address: 7410 Connecticut Avenue Chevy Chase, MD 20815
Architect(s): Mihran Mesrobian
Current Status: Existing - In good condition
Original Use: Private Residence
Function: Private Residence

This single family, two-story home was built in 1941 by the architect Mihran Mesrobian and is still owned by a member of the Mesrobian family. The white painted, red brick house is entered through an opening in a red brick wall which surrounds the property. The lovely metal gate through which one walks has a central floral ornament within a geometric design and is flanked by two cast stone urns of fruit atop columns.  The front railings leading to the gate have a diamond-shaped detail in the center. The central block of the house contains a recessed entrance bay with two strikingly high chimneys right and left of the entry. These are flush with the facade which contains horizontal belt courses with floral cutouts in two rows of three between the first and second stories. The recessed entrance is asymmetrical and has a curved glass block wall to the right of the door. Mesrobian designed the house with a hip roof and casement windows which appear to be original. Between the two one-car garage doors is an eagle sculpture spreading its wings. The home is in fair condition.