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The Marlyn

Original Name: The Marlyn
Year Of Construction: 1938
Address: 3901 Cathedral Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20016
Architect(s): Harvey Warwick
Current Status: Apartments
Original Use:

The Marlyn was built for Gustave Ring in 1938 by the renowned architect Harvey Warwick. Warwick might be best known for the magnificent structure just across Cathedral Avenue, The Westchester. On approaching The Marlyn, one is struck by the relatively small entrance located in the right front wing of this U-Shaped structure. Above the main entrance are four circular, decorative geometric details. This circular motif is repeated inside the lobby as well in the black granite floor and mirrored disks in the crown molding. The molding is also adorned with vertical, plaster reliefs. Fluted columns, walls, and stairway give the lobby a sleek linearity.  The main door is accessed through curved columns in this otherwise linear, two-toned (yellow and light brown) brick structure. Black stone panels under window columns at the ends and middle of the structure give it more definition. The building appears well-kept.