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Lutheran Church of the Reformation

Original Name:
Year Of Construction: 1934
Address: 212 East Capitol Street, NE Washington, DC 20003
Architect(s): Porter & Lockie
Current Status:
Original Use:

Art Deco motifs that adorn the exterior were designed by architect Irwin S Porter of the firm Porter and Lockie in 1934. The exterior is really the only thing Art Deco about the building and it has some particularly nice features. These included the tripartite façade of limestone with some very nice stone carved details, the entrance portal culminating in a bas relief sculpture of the holy trinity in the pediment over the main entrance, the unusual geometric stone screens in shoulders flanking the center entrance bay and the fluted pilasters at the corners. Upon first glance the interior resembles the traditional church styles that adorned Christian and Lutheran churches of the time. However, there are some very nice details that Decophiles will appreciate, including the pulpit with carved treatments reminiscent of stepped skyscrapers and very fine ceiling light fixtures. Regardless of style, the interiors are noteworthy for the extent of carved wood details at the altar, stenciled ceiling beams and stained-glass windows.