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The Hecht Company Department Store - Silver Spring

Original Name: The Hecht Company Department Store
Year Of Construction: 1947
Address: 903 Ellsworth Drive Silver Spring, MD 20910
Architect(s): Abbott, Merkt & Company
Current Status: Shopping Mall
Original Use: Department Store

The Hecht Company building, one of the metropolitan area’s original department stores, was designed in 1946 by the architectural company of Abbott, Merkt & Co. and opened in 1947 with 160,000-square feet of retail space. The limestone façade is a wonderful exercise in late Art Moderne design restraint and subtlety. The smooth stone planes are accentuated with vertical fluted banding suggesting pilasters and the rounded corner is punctuated by a bold clock face. In 1987, the Hecht Company announced that it was leaving this five-story structure for a new store. Two McLean, Virginia-based firms, Petrie, Dierman and Partners, Inc., along with Georgelas and Sons Inc., attached the Hecht’s facade to their new “City Place” Mall - now “Ellsworth Place” Mall. Since this transformation in 2016, the rounded corner of Hecht’s is almost totally obscurred by a set of large metal brackets that support a Jumbotron and signs advertising the stores within.