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Federal Trade Commission

Original Name: Federal Trade Commission
Year Of Construction: 1937
Address: 600 Block Constitution Ave. NW Washington, DC 20530 Downtown Neighborhood
Architect(s): Bennett, Parsons & Frost
Current Status: Civic & Religious
Original Use: Civic & Religious

This is a classical building, but the doorways and sculpture make it special for decophiles. The gates of the doorways depict American Transportation, rendered in the white metal so popular in the Art Deco period. Above each doorway is a sculpted panel demonstrating activities related to the FTC’s mission:  Foreign Trade by  Carl Schmitz, Agriculture by  Concetta Scaravaglione, Shipping by Robert Laurent, and Industry by Chiam Gross. Flanking the apex of this triangular building are two dramatic sculptures representing Man Controlling Trade, created by competition winner Michael Lantz.