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Federal Election Commission

Original Name: Potomac Electric Power Company (PEPCO) Headquarters
Year Of Construction: 1930
Address: 929 E Street, NW Washington, DC 20002
Architect(s): Waddy Wood
Current Status: Federal Election Commission Offices
Original Use:

While this 9-story building originally built for the Potomac Electric Power Co (PEPCO) may not appear overtly Art Deco to the casual observer, it is a good example of some of the Greco-Deco stylization we see in other Washington, DC neo-classical buildings from the 1930’s: the treatment of the stone pilasters, bandings, entablatures and other exterior decorative elements ae more taught and simplified when compared to more literal translations of neo-classical precedents. One of the best exterior features of this building is the series of 18 bas relief carvings at the top by sculptor Carl Mose depicting mythical and historical scenes related to science and electricity. Also of interest are what appear to be ancient torcheres rendered in carved stone between the windows at the third story: are they allegories to light, a key benefit of electricity? Vacated by PEPCO in the late 1990’s, the building is now in now use by the Federal Election Commission and Hard Rock Cafe.