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Coca-Cola Bottling Plant

Original Name: Coca-Cola Bottling Plant
Year Of Construction: 1942
Address: 1110 East-West Highway Silver Spring, MD 20910
Architect(s): Walter Monroe Cory
Current Status: Auto Parts Store
Original Use: Soda Bottling Plant

The Coca Cola Bottling Plant is thought to be the work of the Walter Monroe Cory architectural firm and constructed in 1942. Unfortunately, the original structure appears to be covered across much of the original brick surface with a synthetic stucco material (it is unclear when this occurred, but likely done within the last thirty years). The original brick facades are articulated with vertical brick pilasters capped with interesting stepped cast stone finials, visible for the top five feet of the front and parking lot side facades, creating an elegant but fortress-like effect for the entire structure. The original full brick facades are visible on at least one side of the building, which also includes original paned glass windows. Between the pilaster finials stretch a horizontal fluted frieze of cast stone. Of particular interest is an additional doorway on the front facade, left of the main entrance, which is recessed and surrounded by stepped brickwork to nearly the height of the building. The painted brickwork is flaking in many places. Currently, the property is owned by Imperial Investment Co. of Georgia and is occupied by the National Tire and Battery Company.