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Church of the Lord Jesus

Original Name:
Year Of Construction:
Address: 1230 C Street, NW Washington, DC 20002
Current Status:
Original Use:

This building was originally a movie theater that was later remodeled to incorporate the Art Deco style of the time. The street façade’s composition follows what is known as the rule of three, with its breakdown of center and flanking side bays that act as shoulders. The façade is primarily composed of decorative concrete, most likely the work of John Joseph Earley, a prominent local contractor who perfected several decorative concrete fabrication techniques, including multi-color mosaics. The mosaics are seen here in the decorative medallions to the upper side bays and the zig zag frieze treatment above the fluted pilasters in the center. The pilasters frame tall vertical glass block windows that appear to be original. The balance of the façade’s concrete features exposed stone aggregate in rose and buff colors. The building is now in use as the Church of the Lord Jesus. At some point there was most assuredly a marquee canopy in style with the rest of the façade, but it was removed, either because of decay or as part of the change in use (note the discolored brick above and to either side of the entrance doors).