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The Chancery

Original Name: The Chancery
Year Of Construction: 1941
Address: 3130 Wisconsin Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20016
Architect(s): M.G. Lepley
Current Status: Apartments
Original Use:

The Chancery at 3130 Wisconsin Avenue NW was built in 1941 by Jerry Maiatico and designed M.G. Lepley. The facade of the predominantly red brick building is broken up only by a central column of fluted light stone. All corner windows are adorned with vertical lines of red and corner windows in the central portion of the building are also highlighted beneath with stone. The entry foyer has been added on and leads into a sleek lobby which has been remodeled at some point as well. Perhaps the stone flooring is original with its starkly contrasting black geometric lines. The stone foundation of this H-shaped building is in beautiful condition.