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Capital Plaza Apartments

Original Name:
Year Of Construction:
Address: 35 E Street, NW Washington, DC 20001
Current Status:
Original Use:

This 8 story buff brick and limestone apartment building is noteworthy for the vertical and horizontal bands that group together the windows of the primary façade as well as the vertical “zippers” at the corner windows. These effects are cleverly and subtly achieved with corbelled brickwork. The rose-colored panels at the first story, and more importantly the decorative concrete treatment on the edge of the entrance canopy, are most likely the work of John Joseph Earley, a local concrete fabricator known for perfecting decorative mosaic techniques in concrete during the first half of the 20th century. The building has other details that make it so appealing: The playful and varied pattern of window fenestration, the pilasters at the small windows adorned with stone floral treatments at the second floor line and capped by stone owl figures, and the medallions in different patterns that, upon closer examination appear to be pierced, perhaps functioning at ventilation elements.