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The Bader Apartment Building

Original Name: The Bader Apartment Building
Year Of Construction: 1939
Address: 2125 K Street, NW Washington, DC 20037
Architect(s): Louis de Ladurantage
Current Status: Apartments
Original Use: Apartments

The Bader apartment building has been pristinely maintained and is constructed of beige brickwork and an entryway and foundation of large rectangular limestone panels.  All of the black-framed windows, which do not appear to be original to the structure, have stone sills and those on the first and second floors stone lintels above as well. The single windows on the second story are even more ornate in that they are crowned with eyebrow-like stone lintels. Beneath the bay windows at either end of the building are horizontal bands of decorative brickwork. A band of denticulate brick detail also runs above the second story. The most striking feature of this 1939 structure by architect Louis de Ladurantage for A. Joseph Howar, is the entryway in limestone which is a carved archway treated with zigzag design and floral motifs. While probably not original, the steel railing leading up the steps and to this entry door is sleek in its geometric design and is in stark contrast to the black curvaceous railing seen within the lobby area which has details reminiscent of ocean waves. The chrome plated mailboxes, with small ornamental motifs, sit above earth-tone marble wainscoting and are topped with a band of black marble which is repeated in wainscoting on the second floor of the lobby. The white plaster crown molding is decorated in a floral motif with a rolling element mimicking the “waves” of the railings. The recessed entry doors harmonize well in their simplicity with three horizontal bars and a full moon door handle.