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5150 Massachusetts Avenue

Original Name: 5150 Massachusetts Avenue
Year Of Construction: 1939
Address: 5150 Massachusetts Avenue Bethesda, MD 20816
Architect(s): Unknown
Current Status: Private Residence
Original Use: Private Residence
Function: Private Residence

According to land records, this pristine, white-painted brick, single family home was constructed in 1939 and renovated as recently as 2013. The home is in excellent condition and an addition has been made to the rear which maintains the integrity of the original structure. The original home is a two story, rectilinear structure in the front with the first floor extending out to permit an open porch on the second floor. There are striking black metal railings and window mullions, both of which appear to have been updated. Details like horizontal sun shades over the windows also appear to be contemporary updates. The home has a flat roof which complements the short, horizontal linear detailing in the brickwork decorating the façade, executed in both a recessed and three-dimensional fashion. The front door is recessed in the center of the facade with a two story, curved tower on the left, likely the main staircase. The tower has glass block windows at the second level. There are corner-wrapping windows on both floors, also accented by horizontal brickwork. The house sits on a steep grade revealing a lower walkout level and the new two-story addition with garage.