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3601 12th Street, NE

Original Name: Movie Theatre
Year Of Construction: 1937
Address: 3601 12th Street, NW Washington, DC 20017
Architect(s): John J. Zink
Current Status: CVS Pharmacy
Original Use: Movie Theatre

This corner property was originally designed as a movie theater by architect John J. Zink and constructed by Jesse Sherwood in 1937. The two-story structure is in good condition and built of beige brick accented by darker brown brick detailing. These darker bricks are used to create a wonderful entryway as horizontal bands in rounded columns and on the shorter, one-story extension of the entryway. The two-story main structure is accented with the darker brickwork in full height pilasters on the 12th Street side. Particularly lovely are the pink and blue vertical details on the Newton Street side which resemble ribbon candy draping over the roof line and down to the top of which were most likely display windows for the theater. These are now filled in with brown brick. The grey and pink marquee of the movie theater, which is not in the best condition, mimics the curved columns of the entryway but may not necessarily have been part of the original design since it hides the beauty of the brickwork. Now a CVS drugstore, none of the period interior remains.