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3415 36th Street

Original Name: 3415 36th Street
Year Of Construction: 1937
Address: 3415 36th Street, NW Washington, DC 20016
Architect(s): Waldron Faulkner
Current Status: Residence
Original Use:

This lovely private home in Cleveland Park was designed by Waldron Faulkner and built in 1937. It has been added onto extensively but in good taste and many of the decorative details of the original structure have been repeated in the new wings one sees from the street.  The home is in immaculate condition. The facade is painted white brick and interrupted only by a thin band of blue and yellow tile mosaic in a geometric design. What appears to be copper roofing is topped in the center with a lovely crown, also adorned with geometric elements. The striking red brick front entrance is inlayed with a double band of blue and yellow tile mosaic, echoing the horizontal tile work of the facade. A carved stone floral-design pediment tops the brickwork of the entrance. The geometric design of the front door is in harmony with the central roof crown. The house exudes a late Deco stylization of Greco-Roman motifs.