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2929 Connecticut Avenue

Original Name: 2929 Connecticut Avenue
Year Of Construction: 1936
Address: 2929 Connecticut Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20008
Architect(s): Dillon and Abel
Current Status: Apartments
Original Use:

The most interesting feature of The Park West, designed by Dillon and Abel in 1936, is its entry and lobby within. The outside entrance, which is obstructed by a newer marquee, is framed by glass block and geometric designs in stone which are reminiscent of Frank Lloyd Wright’s textile block houses. The lobby is sleek and elegant in its horizontal lines and gently curved columns. As of May 2017, there had been no renovations to the lobby but there are plans to do so. The red brick facade is in good condition except for its black painted window frames which appear in bad repair. The geometric details of the front entryway are repeated in the uppermost story. The simple facade is interrupted only by balconies at the front, rear and north side and by a few narrow lines of vertical stone. Stone window sills are used throughout and around each set of balcony windows.