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2123-25 E Street, NW

Original Name: 2123-25 E Street, NW
Year Of Construction: 1939
Address: 2123-25 E Street, NW Washington, DC 20037
Architect(s): William E.C. Barrington
Current Status: Retail
Original Use: Retail

This commercial building, which now houses a CVS drug store and a liquor store, was designed by the architecture firm of William E.C. Barrington and constructed in 1939 by Banks & Lee. The simple, elegant, front limestone-tiled facade has a somewhat Greco-Roman feel with the vertical fluted pilasters at the ends and the interesting crown-shaped carved motifs of the parapet cap at the top., even to the extent that one can imagine the carvings which run along the length of the building at roof level as “hieroglyphs”.  The fluted pilasters are topped by carved circular motifs. Circle motifs are also found flanking the CVS sign, the larger of the two stores currently occupying the building. The neon sign of the liquor store is also a nice touch that appears to have been in place for some time. The side facades are now painted brick. Nothing of the original interior on the CVS side remains.