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1727 Massachusetts Avenue, NW

Original Name: Winthrop House
Year Of Construction: 1940
Address: 1727 Massachusetts Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20036
Architect(s): Alvin Aubinoe
Current Status:
Original Use: Apartment House
Function: Apartment House

The Winthrop House apartment building was constructed in 1940 by the Dominion Investment Company. Architect Alvin Aubinoe makes great use of both vertical and horizontal linearity in his design of predominantly light beige brickwork and white-framed, multi-paned windows. This flat-roofed, traditional Deco “rule of three” structure is in excellent repair. The central portion is flanked by vertically stepped brickwork and adorned by five slim vertical lines of recessed bricks at the upper portion of the building. The dark gray spandrel panels between the windows in the central section also display some fine stylized decorative motifs. This central section is also adorned with taupe-colored trim, ornamental frieze details which repeat the vertical lines found in the brickwork but also include lovely floral and geometric motifs. The windows on the two side sections are highlighted by three bands of horizontal brickwork. The main entrance is framed by fluted red granite and topped in the same material with square-shaped panels.